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Trans-help is a digital platform designed to help and support Transgenders and youth to prevent HIV/Aids, Sexually transmitted diseases and create a healthy, balance, protective and conducive environment for victims of transphobia and enable them to be a productive member in the society.

* Available on all Android devices
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How TransHelp works?

It is easy to signup into TransHelp app and use. TransHelp UI and its features are design and developed based upon users survey research.

Step 1

Install the App

Download TransHelp from PlayStore.

Step 2

Setup your profile

Signup with basic info & verify your number through OTP.

Step 3

Login To your APP

Now login and explore TransHelp app.

Step 4

Set SMS SOS Contact List

Remember SOS need SMS permission to the app. So TransHelp app can send SMS with your GPS location to your loved ones.

Step 5

Explore App

Now you are done with all and ready to go with our app.

Step 6

Like Our Social Media

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TransHelp Share's Everything For you

  • Behavior Change customize outreach , including awareness regarding HIV Treatment and prevention and transphobic stigmas.

  • Distribution of Information and education material regarding HIV prevention and treatment, STI symptoms and use of Condoms, PrEP.

  • Assist Transgenders and youth in voluntary & confidential HIV Counseling and testing (VCT) services, diagnosis and treatment of various Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) through our partners

  • Referral support and linkage into CBPO Centers with strong follow-up.

  • Assisting in lodging FIR and ensure safety of Transgenders by providing accurate nearby police stations.

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SOS Through SMS with GPS Information

TransHelp app need SMS privilliges for SOS function to be performed. SOS will be activated when you have added contact list (Max 5 Contacts) to SOS menu.

To Setup SOS SMS Feature, Follow the process below:

  • Turn ON your GPS Location everytime while considering usage of TransHelp.
  • Configure your Emergency contact list from Menu.
  • Add maximum friends and family members you can add.
  • Now press phone power or lock button thrice to activate emergency alert.
  • Now an SOS alert screen will be shown which mean an SMS alert is generated.
  • An SMS will be generated to your choosen contact list with your GPS Location.
  • You can cancel alert within 10 seconds by swiping the TransHelp icon to right.
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Awesome Interface

Simple & Beautiful Interface

Follow our app shots. Easy to use with amazing features.

TransHelp App is available for all devices

TransHelp App is available for all devices, Click on Download now or Click on PlayStore icon below to Download our app. Do share it within your trans community to make their life hassle free.

* Available on all Android devices

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